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The visit - My first Kiss

So, I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, Evan.
August 15th 2014, I went to the US to meet him.
We decided to go swimming at my hotel, so he brought his shorts.
I had to change into my bikini though, so I made him wait in my room while I changed in the bathroom.
I put a loose tank top over my top, and walked out.
He looked at me and smiled.
My father walked us to the pool.
Luckily, he forgot his swim trunks.
Me and Evan walk in, place our phones on one of the chairs, and decide to go in the hot tub.
He takes his shirt off, and gets in.
He looked at me, and smiled.
I dipped my legs into the hot water, and took of my shirt slowly.
I threw it to the side, and sat down in the hot tub.
Later on, we got into the pool.
We splashed around, and we play fought in the water.
He ended up dragging me to the deep end and I tried to fight it, but he was so strong.
He let go of me, and we talked for a few minutes.
My back was against the edge of the pool, and suddenly, the lights went out.
There were only these little lamps on, as I thought about the fact that the pool is closed now.
I looked up at evan, and said “You know what you should do before we get kicked out…?”
He smirked at me and asked “what?”
I replied with “You should definitely kiss me.”
He looked at the floor and said “what about your dad…”
Then as he walked over, he said “Screw it. I’ve wanted to do this for months.”
He grabbed my hips, and kissed me.
(Of course I kissed back.)
This went on for a good twenty seconds.
Our lips moved in sync, and my first kiss was perfect.
I will never forget it 😍

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